First 'water crossing'...kinda
Took Vincent and Jeff out for their third big walk around town this morning. Our agenda was to get coffee and a croissant for me, some more exposure for them to traffic and pedestrians. Bearing in mind I live in a small country town, there are no traffic lights and only country folk as pedestrians, but you get  the idea.

The owner of  the post office was out hosing the steps with a really huge flowing hose, creating a running 'water crossing' on the path below. The goats baulked, I used my voice and kept walking through myself and they followed through.  They are getting better with loud, rattling trucks already too. It is funny, it was only their third walk out and they already know where we live and speed up on the return journey, clever boys that they are.
Such good babies. Very proud of them.

I am just using neck collars at the moment, but have ordered some halters (similar to a horse halter) for them from the US as I couldn't find quite what I wanted here in Australia.

How old have your babies been when you take them out into the bush with you for the first time? Do any of you find they want to run off if they get a fright, or do they  tend to run to you for security?
Sounds like you're having fun! I've sometimes taken our kids out hiking in "the bush" before they were even weaned. Finn hiked with Phil every day from the time he was a month old. When they get scared they usually run toward their humans for protection. The exception is when a dog chases them. They may try to run toward you, but if the dog chases them the other direction it can be a real problem. Goats have been killed by loose dogs.
Realised I never replied. Thanks Nanno. I will aim to get them out in the bush over the coming weeks. The dog thread from last night really got me thinking too.
Right now I am sitting at a cafe with the boys - the same cafe that always served me kerbside when I was in my carriage - turns out they are as equally welcoming of goats. Boys are being great.

Edited: Now at home so thought I would add a pic from the cafe and one from our walk back home after coffee. I normally make them walk behind me, but wanted  to quickly snap a pic. Vincent (white one) was off lead the whole way home and was super good. Jeff is a bit more of a 'loose cannon/unknown quantity'- he is a bit quirky. Really strongly bonded to me, but stand offish with others. He follows along beautifully on a loose lead, he is the boss goat and always in front of his brother. As he is naturally a bit more independent and I don't think would deign to follow along if his brother was the one that I was leading.

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