Today's Training: Our Breeding Buck About to Go Eunick/Pack Goat
Blush Well , we were worried it wouldn't work, but by George, his.first ever trip away from home.and.thru a creek bed went far better than we thought. So hard to find water to train in around here, this particular creek bed is usually only ankle.deep in spots, dry mostly in others, has had.more.rain than us.and.we had spots.where.water.came.up to

Background: His mom had te problems and.wouldn't nurse him. Doe was our biggest so after bottle feeding him, we just made him our replacement.breeding buck. He is now.a.little over two. We're thinking of quitting the breeding biz or.cut.way down or replacing him as our Too attached to him to wonder where.the auction block might take him. We named him Sprite.just because we.fed.him with a.Sprite soda.bottle.

Anyway, he.'s.always been sweet for a buck. Only recently showing some.aggression when we.try to trim his.feet and I mean that is.a.serious.problem. If out, it means.we.would.have at goat a.lot sooner.than.waiting for all these babes to grow into it. 

So today was the make-it-or-brake-it test run. We really expected to have trouble and indeed.did start out pretty iffy. We took Blackie.thinking Sprite might take.comfort.from Blackie's love of.that forest.and.hiking. Well Sprite only really relaxed when we returned to the trailer an hour.and.a.half.later. But the.real test.was to.see.if.we.could.even pull this strong boy into the water. The initial entry into the creek bed was a real pulling.contest. Took both of us pulling on two ropes. But.once in, he.went.along.easier.than we.had hoped. We even worked up the nerve to take the ropes off.finally and.see.if.he would.follow. He.would.almost let us.get out of.sight but then he would come. We.crossed.the.creek, took him off the ropes.and.just.left him there to see if he would cross back over on his own. He sure explored every other option but.finally joined us and.there was no place to jump so.he.had to come.thru the.water. Yippee! I believe Sprite has.a.future.a little.brighter than the bbq pit now.

BUT!!!! We have to overcome.the.foot.trimming.thing. That is a nightmare.and I know.his.feet.are.really bad.
I'm glad your first walk with Sprite was a success! I wish I lived closer. I'd help you trim those hooves. I've had to trim a few big, wild goats over the years. I put on a well-fitting halter, snub their head up short and high to a stout post in a solid fence, and then I squash them against the fence with my body while I trim the feet. I've had some that put on a real rodeo, but I got those feet trimmed. I like to keep treats in my pocket as well so if they calm down for even a little bit I can reward them for it. They learn pretty quickly that it's easier to submit and be rewarded for it than to keep fighting a losing battle.

If I were you I would tie Sprite up as described, then work on just picking up his feet one at a time and rewarding him for it without trying to trim them until he's much calmer. The wild goats I had to trim all belonged to other people so I wasn't able to take the slow, calm, daily training approach. I just had to wrestle those beasts and get it done, but you don't have to do it that way.
Thanks, Nan. I guess since both Hubby and I are older and shorter than most, we just don't have the body mass to hold him in place. And he's smart. What works once on him seldom works twice because then he has figured out his counter moves. No solid fences here but may try stringing him up short to big horse trailer. He wouldn't accept treats on the trail yesterday but maybe here at home. I am just so glad he never turned into an across-the-board aggressive buck like I hear the boar goat breeders around here deal with. I am delighted we have a legitimate hope to keep him here and away from the sausage factory. :-)

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