Day after 6 mile strech for sore goats and happy kids!
I dont know if goats get sore or tight after they work out, but I know I do.  So the day after our 6 mile walk I figure a little no gear no weight walk would do the guys and I some good.  Also my kids where kinda mad they did not get to go on the day priors goat walk so they wanted to hang out with the goats.  So we loaded everyone up and headed to this little trail that goes from the top of the hill along the edge of the Sound just north of the Tacoma Narrows bring down to the water o the Gig Harbor side.  The trail is just over a mine both ways and I figured it would provide a opertunity to get any lactic acid that was built up n the guys flushed out.  

I had packed my self a little day pack with a couple of things for my kids.  My kids love dutch ovens.  You know why?  That how chocolate chip cookies get made in the great out doors!!!  Ya we all had chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate on the beach with the goats.  It was awesome!!!   

My kids love goat packing even if the goats dont carry any of the stuff we used this time.  Its cool to see my daughter really being into somthing that is so difrent and cool. The goats out weigh her my 4 times easily but she is in the mix with no fear, it really her confidence when she is working around these relatively huge horned beasts.   My son who is 4 years old likes they goats from about 6 ft away.  Buts that understandable because my smallest goat out weighs him my 130# and towers over him.  I goal for this whole goat packing endevor was to just get my kids into the woods back packing put it ha taught them alot more.

After everyone had eaten there fill of cookies we packed up.our gear and geaded back up.the trail to my truck.  I do t know if the goats felt any better.  I felt the same, but my kids had a blast!!

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That's really cool. So glad you're having fun with your kids and goats together.

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