He was one of the Greats...
With rare exception, all gray/white horses, regardless of breed, start out a dark color. Usually they fade dramatically in the first two years and are quite obviously gray by the time they're three. Jet took his time and stayed black until he was four and was a dark steel gray when he was five and six before he turned dapple. He stayed dapple gray for quite a few years before turning fleabitten gray last year. 

But as to his breeding, Jet was a Quarter Horse/Trakehner cross. I had the opportunity to breed my old style bulldog Quarter Horse mare to a son of Abdullah when I was a college. Jet was the result of that union.
Wow, I am so sorry. Jet was beautiful and obviously an amazing horse - indeed celebrate the years you had together.
Nothing can tear your heart in two like losing a great horse. Been there.  So very very sorry for your loss.
Well, I've been so busy running around like a mad woman, I haven't had time to add anything else to this thread like I planned. Phil and I go down to Jet's grave every day during our walk and we each bring one colorful, lichen-covered rock from the field and lay it on the mound. When we're all finished it will be a beautiful grave and I'll finally be able to mow that section of pasture.
Something I forgot to mention... I was quite "raw" from Jet's death when I left for my goat packing trip, and it was wonderful to get away and do something totally different that week. But it was equally wonderful to come home and see how much everyone cared. I'd received a lot of sympathy cards in my absence, and Phil had them all laid out on the dining room table for me when I got home. But even better was the presentation. He had printed and framed two of his favorite photos of me and Jet--one from the beginning of Jet's life and one from near the end--and had set them up on either side of the stack of cards. The first photo is from when Jet was about six weeks old and coming back from one of his early adventures with his mom and Cuzco and I. It's weird to think that all of the animals in that photo are gone now. The second photo is of Jet and I winning the Colorado Obstacle Challenge Series jackpot race last summer up near Larkspur. It was so sweet of Phil to think of the photos. I have a wonderful husband.   
Beautiful photos Nan. Cuzco is tiny!
Happiness is a baby goat snoring in your lap

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