Goatorama kids of 2014
Aw, those are great pictures! I'm so glad Snarler is finally warming up to you and being friendly. When he lived with us, it was his nature to be friendly and personable. He was a very laid back kid and he really enjoyed going for hikes. He wasn't scared of water either. I always thought he would make a good packgoat, and I was surprised to hear he became skittish after he left us. He was never skittish when he was with us and he and Finn were the two who always wanted to snuggle up to people.
They may be all grown up, but it's fun to post photos of Finn and Sputnik and how they turned out. My apologies... some of these are a bit redundant, but Finn is particularly photogenic and it's hard to quit clicking the camera when he's posing. 

He loves those pine trees! A funny thing that happens during every walk is that Finn or Sputnik will rear up and stand on a branch to eat, which bends it way down. As soon as the shorter goats see Finn or Sputnik on a tree, several of them will usually race over and reap the benefits, so I don't often see just one of them going at it. 

I love the dusting of snow on his back

Much like Cuzco, Finn is gorgeous and he knows it. 

The beauty of this place sometimes takes my breath away. 

"Hi Sputnik!" 

I love that dinosaur profile of his! Just look at the size of that Roman nose! 

"Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up!" 

"Close enough! Close enough!"

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