Goatorama kids of 2014
way to go! great story!
Big day for Sputnik! He's getting big enough now that I thought I'd try the wooden Northwest packsaddle on him. We've been working on "Whoa", and he never once flinched as I put the saddle on, cinched it tight, and adjusted the britchen and breast collar. He wasn't tied. Sputnik confounds me. He panics at the stupidest little dumb things imaginable ("OH MY GOSH SOMEONE TOUCHED MY TAIL!!!"), but when I do something I'm sure is going to terrify him, he stands there and acts like he's been doing it for years.

This saddle actually fits him very nicely. He's just long enough for it but with room to grow, and if his back stays this shape then we won't have any fitting issues. "Good boy, Sputnik! You'll make a packgoat yet!"   
It was fun reading through this and looking at the pictures. We adopted Snickers today from his former owners. I'm sure he will fit in with our family. He has not made a sound since we put him in the truck and is acting a little shy, just not shy enough to not eat peanuts from my hand. My other two goats are sleeping outside (they only go in the shed when its terrible windy or cold) and Snickers is laying about 6 feet away looking longingly at them. I just hope they accept him soon, they seem intimidated right now.
I'm excited to get to know this goat and develop a relationship with him, its great getting to know him a little here. Thank you for all the posts and pictures you shared.

P.S. My kids have named him Snarl- after the Norse God of thunder Thor's pet goats. One was named Tooth-Grinder and one Tooth-Snarl. I honestly don't think he remembers his name so I hope it wont matter to you either. Now I just need to keep an eye out for a Grinder. Again thank you, it was fun reading about him as a young goat.
Yay! I'm so glad Snickers (now Snarl) found a good home. I hope he works out very well for you. It'll be fun for you guys to be able to start packing right away instead of having to wait for babies to grow up. If your other goats are younger, then Snickers (sorry, Snarl) will almost certainly be the boss goat and he may be pretty mean to them for a while until they accept him as the leader. Don't worry about it too much. Goats usually work these things out within a couple of weeks and it's rare for anyone to be injured. Just make sure he doesn't dominate the shed or feeders to the point where the other goats can't access food or shelter. I usually spread hay around in several places if a goat is dominating, and I usually try to have two shelters per three goats unless all three are really good buddies.

Good luck and I hope you all get along famously. Oh, and I have Grinder. I just accidentally named him Sputnik. Wink

If you ever want to come to Rye or the Pueblo area and go for a hike or drive, we'll do it! It would be fun to teach Snarl to drive. He's only been hooked up once for a few minutes with his brother Sputnik and he did well.
I've been meaning for ages to post this photo Taffy sent me of Pac-Man. Pac-Man is the daddy of Snickers and Sputnik. Look how big this guy got!! Yet still gentle as can be from what I hear. 
Wow PacMan got huge!!
Snarler is getting pretty big himself.
right now he is 37" to his weathers now and his rump is a bit higher still, if he finishes out at his rump height he will be around 39"-40"(fingers crossed)
Also he is becoming a sweet heart as of late. I finally fenced my pasture and he has been eating out there for a few weeks. He used to eat and eat almost in a panic, but now that he has a whole prairie of lush grasses, weeds and the such he is calmed down and is actually thinning out a bit and putting on muscle.
Your photo isn't working! Sputnik measures about 37" at the withers as well and maybe 38" at the rump right now. Both were level as kids so I'm guessing (hoping!) they'll level out by next year. Snarler was always much longer and broader than Sputnik which gave him the appearance of being massively bigger even when he wasn't much taller. He took after his daddy in both looks and personality. I'm not sure who Sputnik takes after because he resembles neither of his parents much in either body type or personality!
I was just looking back through this thread at the photos of Sputnik and Finn as youngsters. Sputnik has retained his "look" but Finn is almost unrecognisable! His colours look like they have changed markedly.
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