Inmates raise MOVI free sheep
I just heard about this on the news.
Goatberries Happen!
Interesting. I applaud the effort, but I wonder if it really makes much difference in the long run, seeing as how those sheep could contract Movi any time after leaving the facility. It also seems kind of a moot point since it's coming out that many species of wild animals carry Movi as well. It sounds to me like rather than insulating Bighorns from pathogens, they need to be focusing on figuring out how to bolster their immune systems so they can handle inevitable exposure.
Amen. Its like releasing a flock of West-Nile-Free pigeons. Total impact on the universe: 0.00000000000000001%

Still if I were in prison I'd be stoked to be able to train dogs, horses, or raise livestock. There's an idea. Have them train the wild mustangs so people are waiting in line to get one rather than not knowing what to do with them.
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Prisoners do train captured mustangs! The mustang, Cowboy, who I rode in Lake City years ago was captured off BLM land and trained by prisoners in Canon City. They did a pretty good job getting him "broke", but they never taught him how to be caught. I had to do that, and then he wouldn't be caught by anyone but me. In fact, if I went riding with a friend, I always had to make the friend wait in the car until I'd caught Cowboy. Otherwise he would get suspicious of the newcomer and wouldn't let anyone come near him.

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