DIY easily adjustable goat pack train
(08-29-2018, 08:57 PM)Mike Wrote: Thats a good idea.  I never thought of the break away issue.  

Side Question-  Kat, How did the goats do with the bees nest?

Long time in replying, but the goats still bolt when they think there are hornets near.  Only happened once more badly, but I nailed my knee quite hard on a rock as a result, both me and one goat went down.

I've also been remiss in thanking for the breakaway ideas.  I ended up with:

7lb twine from Home Depot, I double this and make a loop off the Sopris saddle's pack train ring.  I can then tie the lead rope to this twine and it breaks easily, but not with normal pulling and tugging. 

It has performed its job admirably on at least 3 occasions where I would not have wanted to see one goat dragged by the other.

Thanks again!

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