Need help
Hi I was wondering if any of you know what my goat has. My goat can bealy stand by leaning his head at a wall or fence. He does not eat or drink any water. His eyes are bealy open.
Oh dear! Have you taken his temperature? It should be about 101-102* or so. Can you tell if he is peeing and pooping normally? It sounds like he's bad enough you should probably consult a vet.
I agree with Nanno, might be a good idea to consult a vet. Could be a number of things, pain response, infection, urinary calculi, bloat, parasites.... First thing is always get a temperature, and check the color of the eye lids. Calling a vet is your best option.
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Yikes. Let us know what the vet says. Thats not something to wait and see.
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