Not that I noticed but I have brown goats. My Alpine Dodge has some white but its is spattered with brown and carmel. They all love to dig in the dirt and lay in it so it is really hard to tell if the Zonk It spray has anything to do with the dirt on them. It does a good job keeping the flies and mosquitoes off them but is smells. I wish they left it unscented.
Well after all that stressing about ticks, the weather has been cold enough that bugs just weren't a problem this weekend ha! So they only got a bit of ultrashield Sat night to help them be more comfortable on the highline as it was just warm enough for a few mosquitoes to come out. 36F both mornings really helps keep those bugs down!
I was about to pose this same question. Flies on goats terrible with all our weird weather. If that horse spot is ok I have cheaper answer. Flyban, made by Farnam, I think, is much more economical. You can buy in a can and.measure out the recommended dosage and pour it on their spine and other areas of their bodies recommended for better absorbtion.Be sure to get the one for horses. The feed guy talked us into the one for cattle because he was out of the horse version. It broke our horse out in bumps and had him scratching on the barn enough to make it creak and shake. Never had problem with horse stuff.
I swear by UltraBoss.  A 12cc syringe drizzled along the spine (I lift the hair as I go so it hits the skin) gives great protection.

.jpg   ultraboss.jpg (Size: 5.41 KB / Downloads: 18)

I buy it at Valley Vet and it's currently on sale!

Goatberries Happen!
I've been pretty happy with the Ultrashield EX, will be using it again. Bugs are here now, so probably this upcoming weekend.

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