New Carriage's Maiden Voyage
We finally had a chance to take the new wagon out for a spin yesterday and it was a blazing success! The boys haven't been driven much since last summer, so they were a bit fired up. They had no trouble at all pulling Phil and I together in the carriage, and in fact we had to spend quite a lot of the time holding them back. This new carriage really fits their size and it looks very dashing. I left the back seat off for now so we can use it like a buckboard and carry cargo. The rear seat is conveniently easy to install and remove. It's has brakes to help the boys on stops and downhill pulls, and the tongue is self-supporting so the boys don't have to hold it up by the breastcollars. It has a cushy suspension so it's a very smooth, comfortable ride for Phil and I too. I think we're going to have a lot of fun with this vehicle!   
That sure is a heck of an upgrade from the old wagon. I can only imagine the adventures that wagon will go on. Classy.
The description of your carriage sounds like the one I had for driving my Fjords single and in pairs. I loved having the self-supporting tongue and hydraulic brakes. It looks it's a 5th wheel, too. Maybe we need to start goat CDE events! It sure was fun with horses.

You guys are definitely stylin'!
Goatberries Happen!
That is awesome!
Happiness is a working goat
The new carriage really suits them!
Happiness is a baby goat snoring in your lap
Well, it's not a "new" carriage any more, but since we've hardly had time to drive it more than a few times since we bought it last March, it sure feels new! Today I put the rear seat on and I drove Phil around like a chauffeur. Then we switched and he drove me around. It is an extremely comfy ride in the back! I plan to ride back there with a bucket of candy in the 4th of July parade this Wednesday while Phil handles the reins. We didn't get any photos of the wagon, but Phil snapped a few shots from the back seat. I love the view in this wagon! We're up high so we aren't staring right into the goats' bottoms the whole time.  

The boys were amazing today. They were calm and obedient--not balking or pulling at the reins. They really feel like a "made" team now. They remember their lessons even though we haven't driven them much this year. Our big test was when we passed these two dogs. These dogs are big, loud, and vicious-sounding. They bound up and down the yard next to the road and there is no visible fence between them and the goats. 

But Finn and Sputnik barely hesitated. They may have bugged out their eyes a bit, but I never had to do more than encourage them with my voice as they marched right past. Good boys! 
Awesome photos, well done.
Driving has been my passion (obsession!) for years and to know I could get my goats eventually going in harness makes my head spin with excitement. What sorts of distances do you drive them?
Your goats are very handsome by the way- just a few weeks ago I would have thought it mad to call a goat handsome, but there you have it- I am becoming a goat appreciator!
Thanks! We're rather proud of our goat carriage set-up. We'll be driving it in the Colorado State Fair parade this Saturday.

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