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I found another treat besides grain that is adding interest to our cookie bag. I realized there dozens of different types of breakfast cereal that come in bulk bags so they're very inexpensive. I picked one of them to try and it went over very well! I wonder if I were to pick a different one every few weeks if it would add elements of surprise and curiosity to keep Finn's interest piqued.

We let our training drop off a cliff the last couple of weeks because we've been busy and the weather hasn't been great on the days when we had time. But I spent a little time with Finn and Sputnik this afternoon and did some review. Sputnik was way too excited to accomplish much. I wanted to work on his collar manners, but he had other ideas and spent most of his time dragging away from me and then standing there wondering why he wasn't rewarded for this behavior. We worked on it just a little and then I gave up and put him back outside.

Finn and I reviewed targets. He did very well but was also over-excited. It will help if we do this more often so we can have more routine and less circus. At one point Finn forgot himself and in his eagerness to touch a target that wasn't yet placed he jumped on me. He's WAY too big to be doing that kind of thing! I need to try to come up with a lesson plan and stick to it so we can work on specific things and not just fly by the seat of our pants. I also need to have end goals in mind so I can make sure I'm teaching the behaviors I actually want.

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