10 month old Alpine wether
10 month old Alpine wether with waddles. Dehorned, no scurs. From a CL/CAE/Johnnes free herd. Been on one over nighter and several long day hikes with my other packers. I bought his full brother last year who is a year older and was handled a lot as a pet, and I wasn't interested in the kid but they talked me into buying him too. I'm gone half time and realized I really don't have the time to give him what he needs. He just needs handled a lot more. He had been handled a little before I bought him. He's not terrible, I lead trained him, but he's a little timid and needs more time with a human, and I just don't have that time. He'll make someone a great packer if they handle him more. I call him Hamza, but you can call him whatever you want. $100 to a better home than I can give him. I'm 50 miles south of Carson City, Nevada. Could maybe meet you somewhere with him. I'm not in a hurry to sell him but hoping he can find the home he deserves.

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*Saltlick*  Rancho Topaz   
near Topaz Lake, Nevada

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