Shout Out to Llama Packers in WA!
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I saw this while hiking Bridle Trails State Park (stock trails and riding arenas) and thought it was such a nifty idea I'm drafting my own to put below it for pack goats. It's smart to let the people riding the big, spooky, deadly animals know that there might be more to expect than just dogs and people. I think of things like this in the same way I think of putting your blinker on even in a turn only lane. My job is to communicate my intentions as clearly as possible and be predictable.


I also really liked how often I saw signs reminding people to keep their dogs on a leash and not just to yield to equestrians, but how to yield and be as safe as possible around unfamiliar horses.




p.s. Yes, that's a dog pack and yes, he's only 7 months but there's nothing in it but my driver's license. When we got it we were looking for harnesses but couldn't find any that fit goat proportions so we planned to use this as a harness. He didn't lead well on it so now I just use it because I think he looks freakin' adorable in it. when he's 2, I'll get either Mark Warnke's kid saddle or I'll fasten a thick, firm foam block on the bottom of either side of the dog pack to displace the weight from his spine to his ribs.
That's a great idea! Most horses are ok with goats, but llamas and alpacas scare the heck out of them. We always, always grab our goats and move them off the trail and keep them leashed when we encounter horses. Some horses are NOT ok with goats and might spook, kick, or bite.

I love the pictures of your cute little goats! The dog pack is great. Putting empty packs on your young goats really helps with visibility. That way other trail users can see them coming, and if they managed to get loose you can spot them more easily at a distance or in underbrush. All my packs are bright colors.
This is a great idea. We had a couple horses that couldn't pull themselves together around our goats, the riders had to dismount and it was quite a scene. We were way off the trail, talking gently, the riders were embarrassed.
Today we stroll the neighborhood, someday we'll climb mountains together..  Heart
I think this is such an outstanding public relations idea I created a flyer for goatpackers to post at trailheads.  I used Curtis King's contact information (with his blessing) because, if contacted, he will have a list of NAPgA members in the area who can work with the equestrians.

Thank you to Finn for letting us use his photo on the flyer!   Smile

I've attached the flyer in both .pdf and .jpg format.

.pdf   Trail Flyer.pdf (Size: 691.71 KB / Downloads: 1)

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Llamas.  NOPE!
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Thank you Taffy!
Today we stroll the neighborhood, someday we'll climb mountains together..  Heart

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