Interest in Driving Team?
I'm just putting some feelers out here to see if anyone is interested in purchasing a trained team of harness goats. We're considering selling our Nubian bucks, Rocky and Rambo, this spring. I would be fine selling them as breeding bucks if anyone is interested, but I'm also considering wethering them and training them as a driving pair because I think they would be an awesome team. I don't have photos handy, but Rambo is pure black with a few white spots, gray speckled ears, and white spots on his face. He has a beautiful head. Rambo is red with a white belt and red ears. He has a more typically Roman-nosed Nubian head. Both boys are extremely gentle and well-mannered (especially for bucks!). They are good friends with each other and well matched physically. They will be two years old around April 1st. I don't have a price on them at this time but I am curious if anyone is even remotely interested. I'm located in Colorado. Here is a video of the team we trained last year: 

Oh man you scared me for a minute, when I saw the title I thought " Not Finn and Sputnik!"
Happiness is a working goat
If I was at a different place in my life I would consider it.
Today we stroll the neighborhood, someday we'll climb mountains together..  Heart
I love it! How you get them so well trained like that is beyond me.
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A little time, a little patience, a little firmness, and a lot of treats!

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