NAPgA Memberships Due!
Hello All, 

It's that time of year to check your NAPgA membership and renew if it expired in 2017. If you're not a NAPgA member, this is a great time to join! NAPgA is out there battling to keep our access to public BLM/FS lands, which are constantly updating their plans to exclude packgoats. NAPgA has been on the forefront of conducting real scientific research to prove that packgoats are not a disease threat to Bighorn Sheep, but it's hard for our voice to be heard when fighting decades of misinformation and lobbyists with deep pockets. Membership dues are vital to NAPgA's continuing legal battles and research. We also want to keep our members abreast of new developments as events unfold. Please join/renew today and please tell your friends:

Also, there are several hundred people on Facebook who are enthusiastic members of goat packing groups yet who have never joined NAPgA. If you are on Facebook, please, please, please encourage your friends there to join NAPgA. "Liking" a page or joining a Facebook group have zero impact in the real world. Paying memberships are what count, and it's important for Facebook users to understand this. I'm not on Facebook so for those of you who are, please spread the word often! Thanks!
Joined yesterday; meant to do it a lot earlier Smile
Happiness is a baby goat snoring in your lap
oh man i am too late why this happens to me every time
It's never too late! You can join or renew your NAPgA membership any time!

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