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Alpine/Nubian crosses are my favorite. Wink

I'm sure it's largely sentimental because my first packgoat was Alpine/Nubian, but so far I'm liking all the crosses we've produced in the last few years. They have nice personalities, seem to be hard workers, and they come in a wonderful variety of flashy colors! I also adore the airplane ears and I think they tend to have nice conformation. I love the long legs and nice feet from the Nubian side, and I love the hard-working attitudes and nice, level backs with good withers from the Alpine side. I also love the shape of their heads. Of course, any time you cross two breeds you're sometimes bound to end up with the "worst of both worlds" instead of the best. But for the most part I've liked what we've produced here. Sputnik was my "dud" that I was embarrassed to sell because of his poor conformation and weird personality, but he seems to be working out well in spite of himself.
I would have more suprised if  Alpine/Nubian crosses where not your favorite breed
Happiness is a working goat
Definitely LaMancha.  The antics and intelligence that gets them into trouble and their loyalty to me.  I had a really hard time getting past the no external ears of the breed but being around them and interacting with them won me over.  Bourbon is the 2nd LaMancha I've been owned by.  He's one awesome goat! (and a total pill!).
Goatberries Happen!
Alpines for me Smile
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The Oberhasli is the perfect goat. They are weather tolerant to both heat and cold. They don't mind water or getting wet. They have a content relaxed personality that makes them easy to live with and easy to contain. They will work packing and hiking longer than you can. They never quit. Their color blends beautifully with nature when elk hunting.
Breeders are working to increase the Ober size which is generally needed.
My boy looks like a Ober. the fawn colored one is his brother he is a lot bigger now this picture is old

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Happiness is a working goat

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