Sense of Community
Most of us have never met each other but there is a sense of community because we all share a love of goats and goatpacking.

I just read this article this morning in the Progressive Forage magazine we receive.  I really like its message and thought I would share it.  I believe the help and support we give each other throughout the year is a gift beyond measure.
Goatberries Happen!
Thanks Taffy, what a great story and reminder of what make a true gift.
Thanks for sharing that Taffy. I sure do love and appreciate this community and all the support here. Having goats is incredibly fun, but it is sure hard sometimes too. I love having people here who understand the highs and lows. 

This is our first Christmas without Cuzco in over fifteen years. A friend gave me this little figurine last spring after we said goodbye. It's been sitting on my desk ever since (except when it came with us to Lake City for the Rendezvous in June). I decided he needed a place on our tree. 

I kept the hood ornament from our Buick and have been hanging it on our tree for a few years now. Cuzco loved riding in that car, so I hung the hood ornament near his likeness. 
What a perfect likeness of Cuzco! Every time you look t the ornaments it will remind you of something special about him. We all shared his life through your wonderful tales of adventure. You really should write a book.
Goatberries Happen!

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