What did you do today?
It ended up snowing about 8 inches yesterday and it snowed gently all day today and gave us several more inches. It's 10 degrees out there right now. I'm not sure I approve of January weather in October, but I guess it beats drought and wildfire season. Phil and I are thinking of dressing as Santa and Mrs. Claus for Halloween (provided they don't cancel Halloween this year).
I just looked at your weather.  NOAA says you're currently 16* with snow, freezing fog, gusts to 37 mph and wind chill of -4*.

My 36* with 31* windchill is pretty nice compared to yours!

I had the goats out while we were raking leaves today.  Joules prefers her es served to her in a can!

Goatberries Happen!
25.7 this morning here, that's nothing compared to 16 with snow and that windchill, omg... I spent an hour this morning cleaning and feeding before heading to work, hands got cold quickly every time I stepped outside the goat shed or touched something metal. Only wear those disposable gloves 'cause I'm picking up poop and pee-soaked stuff I can't rake up, gotta get a thicker pair of rubber gloves to put over those.

I need to pick up more leaves too before it rains again, spoil all their eating fun haha... well, they're rotting now anyway.
As you can probably guess from the photos, I have been shoveling a lot of snow and breaking a lot of icy water troughs over the last few days. It was 9 degrees last night--way too cold for this time of year! I'm not ready for these temperatures for at least another 6 weeks.   

TinCup got very thin during late summer and fall. She's been gaining weight since I started drying her off recently and I was afraid she'd lose ground trying to keep herself warm, so I blanketed her. 

Petunia normally stays fat and doesn't need a blanket, but she was sick yesterday morning! She was shivering miserably in a shed by herself when I came out to feed hay. I brought her down to the house and realized that not only was she shivering and not hungry, she hadn't made any milk during the night either. She jumped on the stand eagerly but only halfheartedly nibbled at her grain and chaffhaye. Her temperature was 99.4. Then she started coughing into her feed dish. I worried that she was coming down with something so I gave her a shot of LA300 and a shot of vitamin B complex. I blanketed her before putting her back in the pen. She started eating hay when she got out there and I checked on her a few times throughout the day. Thankfully by evening she was her normal, bossy self and jockeying for a position at the feed rack and she seemed fine this morning too. Nevertheless, she's staying blanketed until tomorrow! Unfortunately the antibiotics mean I can't use her milk for a couple of weeks. Bummer!  

Hi Sadie!

My fences are a complete disaster right now! Hopefully they'll mostly spring back on their own once the ice melts off. 

Do you guys think we got enough snow? 

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