What did you do today?
re: calcium stones, maybe vinegar gummies as a treat ha... Looking forward to your info when you have time.

I was thinking about what you said about older goats knowing better how to drink on the trail from streams, my 9 yr old is the best about it, but he also is the one that usually drinks the most when I offer on the trail. I've gotten pretty good at knowing when they're thirsty.  My yearling on the other hand will rarely drink so far. He did jump once into the deepest part of a stream and drink from there so maybe he's a bit fussy about his water quality :)  The 5 year old is somewhere inbetween. So,my little world backs up your observation on this.
Yeah, I notice the more experienced they are, the more they drink in general (from any and all sources). The youngsters seem to think they can hold out till they get home, but the older and wiser goats know better.

The lady who wrote all the UC info is going to create an account here and post the info herself soon. I'm looking forward to having it here!
Well, we sold Coral and Tigerlily today. It's hard to say goodbye. I'm especially sad to see Coral go. She was one of my all-time favorites. But she was small and we breed big packgoats. The family has had Boer goats for a while but they're wanting to try dairy goats. The son is in 4-H and has never milked before, but they seem like very nice folks and I'm hoping these girls will work out for them. Tigerlily was heavily discounted due to all her problems, but Coral is one of the few goats Tigerlily sort of gets along with so I think they should be ok as a pair. Both are easy to milk so hopefully it will give this young man a good introduction to milk goats. They're both giving around a gallon/day though so they'll have more milk than they know what to do with!
What did I do today? I shoveled SNOW!! Like six inches of it! 

On Monday it was a sweltering 90 degrees all day. On Monday night it was still 70 degrees when we went to bed at like 11:00. By 4:00 Tuesday morning it was 30 degrees, raining and spitting snow. A 60-degree drop in about 10 hours! By 9:00 Tuesday morning it was snowing heavily. It snowed heavily all day but nothing stuck because the ground was so warm. Then it snowed during the night and we woke up to this!

It is still snowing. I've had my wood stove going since yesterday morning. The sheds are bedded down deep and everyone is getting a lot of hay to get them past this cold snap. Hopefully we don't see any sickness come from it. I was planning to shave and bathe all the goats this week for the show in Greeley on Saturday/Sunday, but it looks like they'll be showing shaggy this year.
Wow, crazy! We got the cold snap, but didn't get the snow. We were concerned our garden wouldn't survive, but it seemed to do alright with the sprinklers running. Back up to mid 80's today!

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