Awesome goats, gear & trailer. (SLC, UT)...not mine...but they used to be.
Hey All,
Charlie J sent me a note & link to this ad on the KSL classifieds in Utah. These are NOT my goats or gear...but they used to be. It makes me really sad to see them up for sale again, but I'm really glad they are still doing well & still together. They have been together their entire lives and I hate to see them split up.

KSL Ad for 4 packers, gear & trailer

Quote:I am here to help you know why pack goats are better than any other pack animal.

1)     they can go over, under, and through terrain that other pack animals can’t.
2)     they are browsers; they eat the same types of vegetation as deer. NO NEED TO PACK FOOD FOR THEM
3)     they don’t need shoes like horses and mules do.
4)     they have good temperaments; they don’t spit on you like llamas do.
5)     they can go longer than any other pack animal except camels without water..
6)     they are less likely to spook game animals than other pack animals.
7)     goats are low maintenance, easy to keep. They eat hay, grain, weeds, etc. they love the leaves that you rake up from your yard. (really convenient this time of year)
8)     these particular goats are very friendly and easy to pack with.

Included here are four 7 year old pack goats and everything you need for them to pack. 4 saddles, 4 panniers, 4 saddle blankets, 4 feeders, 4 lead ropes, 4 cables to tie them off when in the back country, a scale so you know you don't overload them and a horse trailer to move them. Though I have moved goats in my minivan before (try that one with horses, llamas or mules)

All the gear is practically brand new having only been used on one outing.
Having had many other animals before it is surprising how docile these goats are. They will easily accept people into their herd and subsequently follow them anywhere. The lead ropes can be nice to get them saddled and tied up when in the mountains but aren't needed when going from place to place, they will just follow you. It took about 5 min to saddle the goat in the pictures. They are capable of packing 50 lbs each.
I will consider selling everything separate but would prefer to sell them together.
Please let me know if you have any questions. call or text Randy at 435-496-9782

Some background and notes on these awesome goats and awesome gear.

A little over two years ago, I sold these 4 hand raised experienced pack goats as 6.5 year olds…so they are actually more close to being 9 year olds. I sold everything to someone 5 hours away from me in St George...they are now located just outside Salt Lake City, Utah. I sold them, just before hunting season with all packs, paniers, feeders, miscellaneous items, a large load of hay WITH the trailer for $7,800. I believe that this is NOT the same owner.

1998 Ponderosa Livestock/4 Horse Trailer.

Middle divider & side door. Rear door slides or swings out...very nice. That trailer alone is probably worth $3,000-$3,000 and hence nearly what he is asking for towed better & rode softer than any trailer I've ever towed. Had newer tires, good floor mats, torsion axles and it pulls great. A guy could buy it all & then sell the trailer alone for near the cost of everything.
Saddles & Paniers: The saddles are Charlie J’s (John Mionczynski's) as are the paniers (Acid Rain) and rigging & really are near new…I never used the saddles in the field & were sold as new…I borrowed others while I waited for them to be built. The Paniers are awesome and the best!
The feeders are powder coated Priefert feeders modified with 4"x4" screens & polyethylene hinged feeder covers & locks.


The biggest, Big Gus, packed nearly 60# most of the week & never complained. (240#/38")…he is definitely the quiet leader and positioned himself in the middle to watch everyone front and rear. Gentle, shy giant but NOBODY (goats) messed with him. His brother Bones was nearly as big and went anywhere Gus did. Curly looks the same but smaller but had a huge heart and would always carry his share with zero complaints…wanting to stay near the front no matter what the pace. Oscar, the big brown one with the split ear, was the best & most friendly goat with everyone but probably not the best packer…big, long but length/leg length ratio was a bit off. Short overnighters were best for him not long multi-night trips. He is always who I used with kids to give rides etc.
Again, I don’t know the seller, have no vested interest beyond just really wanting to see these 4 boys stay together and go to a good home. So…if there is anyone or knows anyone that would like to give them a good home, you really could buy everything then sell all items and keep the goats for free…I wished I still had a home for them...they are awesome. Like I said, the trailer is nearly worth what the seller is asking.

If you have any questions about these boys when I had them, let me know.
LOCATION: Top-of-Utah at the South base of Ben Lomond
Do you know if these 4 goats sold? I am located in UT and looking for 4 experienced pack goats with all the gear.
My buddy bought these goats

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