Fevering doe, cause unknown... please help!
My goat is around 9 years old. She's an experimental mini-nubian, she just kidded her 3rd set of kids at midnight Monday night. She is kept alone (family pet/milker) and I can't recall the last time she had her cd/t vaccine... I would guess 2 1/2 years.

On the 23rd, I had the vet out. My doe's symptoms were semi-lethargic, off grain, dull coat, super flaky skin, slightly dehydrated, pain whimper/ groan, a slightly unsteady gait. I'd done a CMT that was positive on the side I could tell... but one side of her udder was thin milk (positive) and the other was like super thick colostrum (couldn't tell... already slimy). She had a slight discharge from her uterus and the vet suspected a uterine infection or a GI infection. Her little feces are normal in color but come out strung together in a perfectly beaded string held together by mucous (which we all thought was strange). The vet looked her over, gave her an antibiotic shot (ceftiofur) and recommended Nutridrench. She recommended I cut back her grain a bit and increase her hay intake which I did. We tested her for worms and it was negative.

I had calcium drench on hand and redcell, so I gave her that and started the Nutridrench Saturday night when it finally arrived. She perked up a lot so I thought she was on the mend. I've continued to give her nutridrench.

Kidding went really well. So now, almost exactly 24 hours after she kidded, she spikes a 107 fever. I've taken it three times over the last 3 hours... the second time it was 106.5 and the last time was 106.7.

Since midnight, I gave her nutridrench, vitamin b complex orally, yogurt with extra probios. I did a CMT and it was totally normal. She's still eating her favorite leaves, she's once again pain whimpering, and her coat is dull and a bit of hair has come off her nose and head. Her skin is flakey.

How long can she fever like this? And is it possible she's fighting off a normal infection that she can just kick on her own? Should I give her aspirin? I know fevers can help fight infection, but how high is too high too long? I have expired banamine on hand from 08.

I have tried to call the vet and even called the emergency vet and they can't help at all. I will call my vet in the morning, but I'm not sure she'll know what is causing the fever. Suggestions? Help? Ideas?
I'm not sure, but it sounds like she could have mastitis. That's an infection of the udder. The thick slimy milk you describe doesn't sound right. Is that side of her udder hard and hot?
You might also post this question in the Health & Wellness section of The Goat Spot forum. http://www.thegoatspot.net/forum/f186/

There are a lot more people at that forum and someone will probably answer your questions a lot quicker. Good luck. I hope you can find the help you need for your goat and that she pulls through. With a temperature of 107 it sounds to me like she has an infection and needs antibiotics. I would not let her fight it on her own. If it's mastitis she could lose her udder or even die if it goes untreated. She also will not be able to feed her kids.
That is to high by alot! You need to cool her down and get some antibiotics into her as there is an infection somewhere. Id suggest posting on the goat spot forum. You are going to be able to get a wider knowledge base by doing so.
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