WANTED to buy: PACK Goats...not kids 2.5+ to 4 years old (Utah)
I am in no rush but am looking to add a couple/few of more pack goats by next spring. They must be the right ones & I will wait until they are. Smile

I am open to most packing breeds but am not looking for any with more than 50% Boer (Preferably no more than 25%) and must not have any Nubian. I.E. Alpine, Oberhasli, Saanan, Lamancha, or Boer cross. Please note an no offense intended, I am not looking for someone's problem goats; I'm just looking for some from a herd that may have been mixed with horned and the dynamic just didn't work out...you are getting out of packing or you just have too many.
  • Must be hornless. (non negotiable.)
  • Wethers only
  • Please specify where they came from. (breeder)
  • Must have been bonded to humans early (First few days & were bottle fed.)
  • Must be CL and CAE free and are up to date on their CDT vaccines.
  • Must be or expected to be = or >36".
  • Must be or expected to be = or >200 lbs.
  • Prefer to buy a ones that are bonded & have been together the majority of their lives.
  • Please send several pictures showing conformation etc.
  • Please send age, weight & height.

I have a really great home for them with barns, stalls and shelters with corrals & 16 acres on the edge of the mountains. They will have the best of everything and will be spoiled by me and my kids as well as definitely hiked & packed.

I live in Northern Utah but am willing to travel for the right boys.


Well I can grow you some but its going to be EXPENSIVE! Smile
Pack Goat Prospects For Sale. http://trinitypackgoats.webs.com

S.E. Washington (Benton City)
TOU, I know of two alpines that are disbudded, about 3-4 years old, wethered about 2 months ago. They are big super friendly guys and calm. They are from a dairy that had to size down because of family medical problems. I met them when they were bucks and were being handled easily by a small woman. She was hoping I would take them to use as packers but my herd is all horns. I still might consider it but if there is a wonderful place for them to go that would be better. Her name is Tara Townsend, Bantam Lane Farm, email BantomLane.com. She is desperate to find homes for them.
Charlene in Central Orego
Don't be too hung up on the whole bottle raised thing. I'm starting to learn that time spent with the kids when young is more important than whether or not they were actually fed with a bottle. My most stand-offish, unbonded goat is Nibbles, and she's the only one that was bottle raised from birth. She's the last to come when called, the first to go when the treats stop, and the least likely to respond to her name even though she probably knows it better than all the others. My friends who bottle raise their babies and who warned me that mine would be unfriendly if dam raised have had to shut up because my kids are every bit as personable and bonded as theirs. I think it comes down to whether their owners played with them and befriended them as babies more than who actually nursed them.
I agree with Nanno. Bottle raising is not important. Rather, it is the time spent and frankly the goat's own individual personality that matters most.

I have one bottle raised goat, Victoria, and the other dam raised goats are every bit as friendly, if not even more friendly.
Hey All,

Gratefully I was blessed to be able to find a few companions that are also experienced packers. I will be picking them up early tomorrow morning. More to come...

Thx for all your help.

LOCATION: Top-of-Utah at the South base of Ben Lomond

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