Need some advice on goat prospects.
I will add a comment to the 2 older goats getting a younger goat. I had trio of a pair of 7 yr olds and 9 year old. I had to put down one of the 7 year old leaving the 2 goats that had never like each other. A very pushy alpha and the subordinate. Being the only 2 left they tolerated each other. I adopted one of Dwite's babies in 2015. From the minute these 2 goats met this baby at the Island Park Rendy and everyday after they were inseparable. If I moved this baby out of sight these usually quiet Obers would holler until I brought him back. I set up a kid pen and all the convinces a single baby goat could need. He never slept in the pen but did eat in there. He would eat out of their bowls, walk under them, sleep on top of them, and literally pull hay out their mouths and never once have ever witnessed any aggression toward him.

It was the strangest thing. At 3 months old on a back pack trip we were rushed by 2 dogs. I was out ahead a ways and could only scream at the dogs drop my pack and run at them.  My 2 older goats stood rib to rib facing the rushing dogs with that baby goat squeezed between them. I picked up a few rocks and a big stick, I scared the dogs and gave the owner quiet an ear full. 
The picture is last year with Dwites goat, Blazer, at 1 year old with Cruzer at age 8.

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