Happy Home!
Last year I  sold a yearling wether to "Jimr".  This year I sold him the yearling's 1/2 brother.  Both are 2 now.  Jimr and his wife have provided a fantastic home for these two boys!  I love getting updates on what they've been doing and where they've been.  A few days ago Jimr sent me a photo from their latest trip.  The goats were crossing the Salmon River in this photo.  Kalvin and Morgan are on the left in the photo.  They're carrying saddles and packs with no weight in the packs.  What a great photo and a gorgeous river!  Oh, the adventures they're having!

Goatberries Happen!
Aw, that's great news. It's so wonderful when our goaties find themselves in happy homes.
Thanks Taffy, we are really happy with them. They are all good boys and doing well. They all did well in the fast moving water, it is really high still. They also got to see a bull moose pretty close up.

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