working with the zeus
What a week. Went up into the rubies and hiked 9.5 miles very difficult terrain over two days. 1st time wearing and pack and he did awesome! The 3 day I took him on a very steep hike in the Carlin canyon. He was tired but pulled through. The 4th day I figured he needed a hiking break so I took him to some rocks and let him navigate some good rocks. Later that day I took him down to the river and we learned how to swim. The 5th day he just rode around in the back of the truck. 

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Beautiful goat and I love the swimming lesson photos!
Happiness is a baby goat snoring in your lap
Thank you. I'm glad he trusted me.
Oh, he looks awesome! Good boy! It sure is satisfying when they trust you enough to follow you into deep water. I love the photo of the "kids" all playing on the rock.

Did you end up with Sledge and Hammer by any chance?
We exchanged a couple e mails and they stopped replying. So I'm not sure what's up.
How odd! I sure hope they end up in a good situation.

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