Is Sweetlix Meat Maker 16:8 a good mineral mix?
I am new to goats and will be getting two weanling Alpine wethers in two months.  I am gathering information on free choice minerals.  Is  Sweetlix Meat Maker a good mix?  Analysis:  Ca 14-16%, Phos 8%, Salt 10-12%, Magnesium 1.5%, Potassium 1.5%, Cobalt 240ppm, Copper 1750-1810ppm, Iodine 450ppm, Manganese 1.25%, Selenium 50ppm, Zinc 1.25%, Vit A 300,000 IU/lb, D3 30,000IU/l1, e 400IU/lb.

Thanks for your help!
Welcome! I'm not very good with mineral analysis yet so hopefully someone else will chime in. I know what's available and what seems to be working in my area, but I'm not too great at analysing percentages. Good luck!
I personally really like the Sweetlix Meat Maker and actually just read a discussion on minerals over at the goat spot where it had some other fans as well.
we have been using it and the boys seem to love it

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