Cuzco's Glamour Shot o' the Day
What happened to his other horn out of curiosity?
When he was three years old he was chased off a 30-foot cliff by a friend's dog. He landed on the highway below and the horn was broken in two places, including all the way across the base. The part of the skull that grows into the horn was broken too, so the horn was not salvageable and we had it surgically removed by a vet. Luckily the blood vessels inside the horn were still mostly intact or he might have bled to death before we could get him home. He was a long way from the barn when it happened, and the poor fellow had a hard enough time as it was even without profuse bleeding. He was in shock and I think he had a concussion judging by his confusion and dilated pupils when I got to him. Cuzco is definitely a survivor! He's had several close brushes, but so far he keeps cheating the ol' grim reaper.
Oh poor guy! But now he looks like a unicorn!
My dad calls him the "unigoat." Smile
I used to help out at a horse ranch and there was a little one horned Nigerian who who always ram into people but was to small to hurt any one he was also called unigoat ?
It's been way too long since I've updated Cuzco's "Glamour Shots"! But I got some pretty good ones the other day. 

Cuzco posed like a statue for a very long time, just waiting for me to bring the camera I'm sure. 

And then the old goat did something very out of character--he pulled a silly face! I'm used to the other goats making goofy expressions and sticking their tongues out at the camera, but never Cuzco! I guess even the most dignified goat has to let his hair down once in a while.  

Back to looking noble...

Until Phil breaks out the Christmas fruitcake, at which point all pretense of nobility flies straight out the window! Here he is climbing the gate with one foot in the mineral feeder just like a silly young scallawag who doesn't care what anyone thinks. "Gimme fruitcake! Gimme NOW! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!!!" 

Have I ever mentioned that fruitcake very nearly killed this greedy goat two years ago? We bought a 3-lb. fruitcake that was supposed to be shared among five goats. Cuzco tore into it like a fiend, knocked it to the ground and devoured it before anyone had time to react. I got a picture of the aftermath.   

And this was where Cuzco spent the next day.
We ran him into the vet that morning because he was so sick he would hardly move, but the vet didn't seem to think there was much to be done for him. So we took him back home, made him a bed by the wood stove, and I sat with him until late that evening when he finally got up and wanted outside. It was a few days before he was totally "right", but he pulled through and we've since modified our fruitcake distribution system. For one thing, you'll notice there is a gate between Phil and Cuzco in this year's picture. We also bought a smaller fruitcake which was then cut into even smaller portions to be fed one at a time. Cuzco still got the biggest portion because he by far enjoys it the most (only about half of the goats even like it at all), but we make sure he never gets to inhale an entire 3-lb. fruitcake in one sitting again!
That is the first photo I've ever seen of Cuzco when he wasn't in a regal pose! I hope he learned his lesson with fruitcake but....knowing how goats think I doubt it. Poor boy. I'll bet his tummy hurt. Cuzco looks like he's holding up well this winter.
Goatberries Happen!
No, Cuzco definitely didn't learn any lessons. But Phil and I sure did!
He is beautiful and it's obvious that you love him like crazy.  I wish my goats would pose got the camera like that.
Thank you Sdgoatlady. We do indeed love this old fella. 

But today we put him in the stocks! The insolence of it! The indignity of it! It's an outrage I tell you! 
I love that we finally have a stanchion large enough for our biggest boy. It's only just large enough, but it works! And I forgot to close the bathroom door... looks like Cuzco is using the toilet while he eats dinner! The humiliation of it! 

Here you can see the little carabiner I used to extend the reach of sliding neck piece. Works great! 

All done and giving me "the look". 

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