Today's walkabout
Wow – what a difference 48 hours makes!  Monday the guys were snowmobiling on our fields and it was cold with a wind.  Today I had the goats out walking, it was 42* and most of the snow is gone!  Chinook winds are amazing!

The goats really enjoyed getting out for a walk.  I haven’t taken them out a lot in the past couple of weeks.  Between the snow/ice and cold/wind chill they wanted to stay in their huts and I didn’t want to risk slipping and falling before my knee replacement next month.

They were munching like crazy on the green grasses that were below the snow.  We walked past one of the black oil sunflower food plots we plated for the wildlife and they ate heads off the plants.  We walked on to a grove of locust trees where they enjoyed the seed pods and tips of the branches.  Then back across the field toward home.  The field we crossed heading home is the field outside my picture window where we feed the geese.  We never got close enough to disturb them.

An immature bald eagle was soaring over us for a good 10 minutes before heading off toward the Columbia River.  Earlier this morning a mature and immature bald eagle were soaring above the geese in our field.  They were not happy the other one was there and screamed and did some aerial acrobatics before the adult headed back to the river.  The geese didn't seem concerned about the eagles.


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When I walked out to their pen to take them for the walk I gave them all of the cuttings from trimming our Nobel fir Christmas tree.  I wasn’t sure they’d want to leave to go for a walk!  They relish it!  Sugar, Joules, and Morgan immediately followed me.  Bourbon came out with a mouthful of branch a minute later.  Jethro didn’t come out until I had gone to the trailer to get my hiking poles!

I didn’t have to coerce them back into the pen when we got back.  They all ran in and began munching on the branches!
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