Naughty Goats
(12-22-2016, 01:04 PM)Saph Wrote: My goats like to lick my car, whenever I leave it parked outside the garage in the winter.  Makes for some interesting "artwork!"  Smile

They sell elephant artwork for big bucks.  You could get rich selling goat artwork!   Big Grin
Goatberries Happen!
I think that one takes the cake so far!
Happiness is a baby goat snoring in your lap
When I first got the goats they were in the back yard among several junk cars which they loved to climb on and jump from one to the other. The rest of this story is mere hearsay....

Someone took them on their first hike at an undisclosed location along the Wasatch Front... uh, no.. make that upper Maine.
The trail heads there are really pretty nice parking lots. And since goats are herd animals, it never occurred that the goats should be on leads, assuming they would follow the hiker in question.

I suppose it was really that they were nervous due to dogs and people, but when nervous, baby goats seek high ground... familiar high ground. As the goats bounded from the roof of one car to the next through the parking lot, a man was seen running through the lot and up the trail shouting "Help! Someone get these animals off my tail! Who's are they anyway?"
HA! Goats and cars... there's a reason our guests park in the garage when they visit us.

Welcome back Bob Jones! I saw you over at The Goat Spot the other day, but since I'm officially banned over there for starting this site, I try not to give away my "secret identity". Wink

Sorry you had to wait for your first posts to be "approved". It's a somewhat annoying but very effective spam control feature. Now that you're an "approved" forum member your posts will show up immediately without prior scanning. In your case I'm not sure this is safe, but what's life without a little danger? Welcome back!! Big Grin
Having posts show up without prior scanning is not quite as dangerous as posting them without prior thought. Wink

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