2017 NAPgA Calendars are Here!
The 2017 NAPgA calendars arrived yesterday and they're beautiful! The supply is limited so don't wait to order yours! These are great Christmas presents and the proceeds help NAPgA. 

You can order them here: http://www.napga.org/store/napga-2017-calendar/
Twenty calendars sold already! Woo-hoo!
Just a quick reminder to everyone to order your calendar(s) soon! They make great Christmas presents so you want to get yours in plenty of time for the holidays. Also, supplies are limited so make sure you don't wait too long!
Just want to bump this and remind all of you who did NOT win the calendar in the monthly drawing that our supplies are dwindling, so if you want one you need to order it very soon!
Only 10 calendars left, folks! Woo-hoo!
ONE more calendar left! Better get it while it's hot!

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