just introducing myself
Hello everyone. Im new to pack goats. I have worked with goats before but i have not yet had the chance to use them as outdoor companions. I will be moving back to RI soon and i would like to know if there is anyone with pack goats in RI. Have you had any land access issues and are there any pack goat communities in RI. Thank you in advance for any info. 
Safe trailing!
Welcome! Not too many packgoat folks in RI, but looking at the NAPgA members map there are three not too far from you in the northeast--VT, NJ, and the northeast corner of WV.
Thank you Nanno. I guess there are not many in N.E. looks like theres going to have to be another dot on that map soon !
Can do like Curtis King did. He just showed up at the fair one year and here we are Smile Feed stores, craigs list ads. Maybe get your hands on an adga directory
Pack Goat Prospects For Sale. http://trinitypackgoats.webs.com

S.E. Washington (Benton City)

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