Hi, from Piedmont area of NC
Hi, there!!

I have no idea why in the heck I am obsessed with training up some pack goats, but it just sounds like something that would be a lot of fun!!  I don't even backpack, but maybe I need to!  I just think it would be fun to go hiking with my goats, even day tripping...  Training them to carry a pack...  I have no idea where in North Carolina allows goats on trails, but I'll do some research.

I currently have six Nubian goats:  (2) fully matured adult does, (2) 16 month old does, (1) 16 month old wether, and (1) 16 month old buck who may be getting wethered soon.  The two mature does were bottle babies, but I haven't worked them much.  I did milk them last year, but they were royal pains on the milk stand (my fault, of course, for not having the foresight to do any milk stand training).  The four 16-month olds were all raised by their mamas (the older does), so they are totally bonded with mom, not so much me.

I am getting two saanen doeling bottle babies in the spring and may get a buckling as well (still mulling it over).  These will be the ones I'd like to work with and train to pack.  This gives me a little bit of time to figure out how to train them in the first place!  

I'm really looking forward to learning more on this site and maybe finding a mentor nearby in NC.

Thank you!

Welcome! I hope you find some good trails in your neck of the woods.
Welcome! Hiking with goats IS fun! You're going to have a great time working with your crew. I hope you find some good trails in NC.

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