Santa Fe and JMJP Wilderness FS Plans
This one is urgent! The scoping period for submitting comments on the proposed FS plan revisions closes tomorrow, August 17th! Many FS plan revisions include a ban on sheep and goats with no exemptions made for packgoats. Because of this, NAPgA needs YOU to submit your comments so that the FS and BLM know that we are here and that we are important. Officials won't think to put in exceptions to sheep/goat bans unless we make our voices heard. This page gives the email address you can use to submit comments:

Another fast-approaching deadline is the Jim McLure-Jerry Peak Wilderness management plan. Comments for this scoping period end August 25th:

Your comments do not have to be long and they should not be confrontational or abrasive. These FS plans are not yet made and therefore do not contain packgoat bans as yet. This is our chance to get in on the ground floor and make a positive impression. We need to let these folks know that we are here and that we are interested and we want to be included in the discussion when the plans are drawn up. We also need to let them know that our packgoats cannot be lumped into the same category with brush goats and sheep. Our goats are bonded companion animals in good health who enjoy excellent care and attention and our government agencies need to hear this.
This is what I wrote to both agencies to help give you an example of what sort of thing to write:  

To Whom it May Concern,  

As a member of the North American Packgoat Association and an avid packgoat enthusiast, I would like to suggest that the Santa Fe Forest Plan not include a ban on packgoats. Some forest management plans in the west have banned all sheep and goats in order to protect Bighorn Sheep. However, packgoats should not be lumped into the same category as brush goats and sheep since packgoats are working animals that are closely bonded to their humans and are kept with their owners at all times and contained in camp at night. Packgoats, as working companion animals, are closely monitored for good health and therefore pose no disease risk to Bighorns.

The North American Packgoat Association promotes responsible use of our precious public land and wildlife, including guidelines for preventing packgoats from ever coming in contact with wildlife. Packgoats make it possible even for the elderly and disabled to hike in areas that would otherwise be off-limits to them due to their physical limitations. Please consider this small but important group of outdoor enthusiasts when drafting your plans. Packgoats are not feral brush goats and should therefore be considered differently.

Thank you for your time and consideration,
-Nan Hassey, Rye, CO

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