The truth behind castration and urinary calculi
As I usually do, I was just surfing the web and broadening my goat husbandry knowledge when I came across this study done at purdue. Now as pretty much anyone who knows me knows, I dont put a 100% faith in any one source. Be that a university or a vet or 50 year goat owner. But I have preached whats the best way to prevent UC for a long time. I have a detailed how to care for your pack goat on my website. I often argue with the likes the Dwite on castration age or disagree with the the likes of Curtis about feeding. So it was kinda nice to come across this study that mirrors my argument and even expands on it. Puts it into more technical terms then I have. Now, does this mean you should go out and follow it to the letter? No. Every goat owner has their own way. I am sure Dwite will still castrate early and Curtis will continue to feed grass. And thats ok. We each do what works for us. But this is a good read and gives us a better insight into how to best care for our goaties Smile
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Great article Smile
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The presentation makes the risk factors quite clear. Although there are other sources of urinary calculi and I have had more often calcium-based stones than phosphate based stones.

ANY long-term disbalance in the mineral supplementation can cause UC (as the minerals have to be excreted via the urine), be it phosphorus, calcium or magnesium.
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Nice, simple and easy to understand. Thanks Dave

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