Accident waiting to happen
Not a good week for me. Amongst other things I managed to top it off this weekend by ingesting a small amount of AC (It does burn!), as well as stab a needle full of ivermectin into the pad of my finger and out the other side. Not sure if I injected much if any into myself, poison control said worst case I'll just get the runsBlush
LOL you will be perfectly fine. I know lots of old farmers who actually wormed their human kids with livestock dewormers. And as for the AC, I didnt find that it burned at all. Was just like the citric acid i use when making cheese. Smile
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Raising goats is dangerous business!
(12-09-2013, 10:13 AM)Nanno Wrote: Raising goats is dangerous business!

We drink the apple cider vinegar every day as well as give it to all our critters. We make a morning tea out of two tablespoons coconut oil, one tablespoon each of ACV and raw local honey and lots ground cinnamon to taste. Without the coconut oil, I loved the mix of sweet and acidity in the taste. The coconut oil makes it harder to endure but that addition got my hubby off his blood pressure medicine of 20 years. Amazing stuff to me.

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