NAPGA Membership
I sent my app in a couple months ago and haven't recived any notification back from the Association.
Any insight?
Did you send it via snail mail or over the internet? You should have gotten some kind of notification either way.
I did mine online a few days ago but haven't got confirmation. Silly thing didn't even ask for my address, just took my CC info and charged it.
It doesn't force you to put your address in, but there should be a prompt to ask you to do so. Your name is in the membership database if I do a search, but your info is not filled out. See if you can log into and edit your user info. If you can give me some info on how to improve the membership sign-up that would be very helpful. Unfortunately we've had a hard time wrestling feedback from anybody, which makes it difficult to tell if everything is working properly or whether it can be improved.
I can't log in because I don't have a password.  When I do the password reset it doesn't send me an email. Sad
I will try to fix this manually for now and I'll see if Phil can work on it next week. Sorry about this!

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