Kenetrek Boot Raffle
Not sure if this is legal or not, Mods can delete if not permitted but here goes, 

I have Kenetrek boots on board as a Idaho Bowfishing Association sponsor this year and we are Raffling off a pair of Kenetrek Mountain Extremes, your insulation choice and your size choice, they will be delivered too your door, you can get ticket's at: left hand corner of memberships page, Tickets are ($2 a piece) or (3 for $5) - (6 for $10) - (12 for $20) - (24 for $40). This raffle is too help the Idaho Bowfishing Association with expense's that have been incurred i.e. permits for shoots, website maintenance, you can also pay by sending a check too the address on the membership page and in the "For" line on your check write Kenetrek Boot Raffle, I will personally take care of your ticket's and write your full name on every ticket. If you would like too attend the Idaho Bowfishing Association - Idaho State Championship you can, it will be held at WoodHead Park, OR- Brownlee Reservoir on June 25-26, 2016. Please feel free too ask any question's pertaining too this raffle. Thanks you! 
Matt Kueffler 
IBA - President 

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