Baking soda and goats
I thought this was an interesting article on how baking soda works in a goat's diet.
Hello Nanno
RE: Baking Soda Link
I and SS read through it, her being the vet tech.
I think it was very good article and SS agrees from a small animal (dog) point of view.
So for my management of the Boy's here I am not going to worry about supplemental bicab.
Meat Goat or heavy milking goats that get a high grain ration I can see using it.
But that is not what I am doing.
Happy Trails
hihobaron Pete and Sam
A must have for treating floppy kid syndrome. But good whenever you have a goat with the poops or gut issues. As mentioned, its a buffer or equalizer if you will. Thanks for the post Nanno. Think Ill post this to the spot just to watch people who feed it free choice squirm Smile
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Don't rush out and post it too quick... I first saw this article posted to TGS! Wink

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