Gilbert's Trek
Gilbert's first real wander with the Sopris Rookie ... the poor guy is quite out of shape  - I almost had to carry him for the last couple of kms.  But what a trooper, he has a big heart to match his big gut!  Lots of fitness work required.

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DownUnder Gal

RE: First Walk About with Gilbert. Good Job
Pete, Sam and ME know the feeling of being out of "Condition" .
3 hikes now with no packs and the boy's are doing better than I.
But they are both game as long as we stop so they can eat and I can rest up.
Maybe that is a good reason to have goats on a walkabout they give you a good reason to stop and rest while they eat brush or catch up with the Boss Goat.Smile ?
Some of the terrine here can be steep with lots of rocks and roots in the trail. Not a problem for them more for me.
I have to learn to pick my feet up and "Prance like a goat" Smile

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Happy Trails
On the Trail again
hihobaron Pete and Sam
Gilbert is lovely. He looks like a real sweetheart.
Hihobaron - goats are definitely the perfect hiking partners. They keep me entertained with their joy of life and I take time to enjoy my surroundings. It's a wonderful life!
Goatberries Happen!
I feel awful actually - I shouldn't have asked him to go so far (even though it wasn't very far, he's not conditioned to do it yet). He really seemed to enjoy it until he got pooped out. Starting out a bit late at 6 years but I guess that's OK? He used to be herd boss but Atticus knocked him off his perch a couple of years back so maybe this will give him a bit of status among his peers. They seem impressed when they see him saddled up and walking out the gate.

When we got back yesterday, after I fed him and put him in the paddock the other goats immediately sensed his fatigue and really ganged up on him. The head butting was brutal to the point where I had to separate them, which I almost never do. Gilbert was getting pushed over and into the electric fence. As he is one of the heavier, stronger goats in the herd it really made me think I need to get him 'match fit' before I ask him to do a trip like that again.
Happiness is a baby goat snoring in your lap
Hello DUG
RE: Gilbert getting beat up on.
My situation here is a bit different than yours. I only have 2 Pete and Sam.
They will "Fuss' a bit with each other but are buddies.
After each "Expedition" we have they get out of the Goat Tote and get a small Alfalfa pellet treat.
It "distracts" them while I get a cold brew. Smile My "Treat"
I settle into a deck chair and in short order I have goats down on the deck around me. Rest up time for all.
IDEA: Will Gilbert settle down / lay down if you "Relax" ?
Point being, Let him and you take time to "recharge" before you put him back in the herd.
My boy's are very tightly bonded to me, so after they have a belly full it is come over and hang out with the boss goat. Smile
Good example was today.
I had a range shooting day here and even with 2 hours of gunfire they both stayed within sight of me.
Then when we were putting guns away "Kept" trying and did get in the RV with me. "BRATS"
I do not think I have goats that are gun shy.
Happy Trails
hihobaron Pete and Sam

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Poor Gilbert! I guess he is out of shape! I also wonder if the other goats beat him up out of jealousy since he got to spend all that time with you when they didn't. Hopefully it won't take him long to get into condition.
You could be right Nanno. William does get a bit jealous and he was the main perpetrator.

HHB Gilbert was so keen to get back to his herd that I thought that was best once he'd had his dinner. I might let him have a bit of time out before returning him next time though.

Thanks for your ideas, I love being able to bounce this stuff off like minded goat people Smile
Happiness is a baby goat snoring in your lap
Hello DownUnder Gal
Just a thought for you and Gilbert.
Part of his "Stress" could very well have been from being AWAY from his herd, as well as the work.
Question for you?  Are you his "Best Buddy" ? Don't take that wrong Smile
Also the above is what makes a good Pack Goat stay with you being the Boss goat and best buddy.
With horses they also want to get back to the herd and have to be trained to work away from the herd too.
Barn / Herd Sour is the term here.
I have had them "it is a pain you know were" working them once the habit is established.
Back to Goats: I think if you look at a lot of "Trail" Pictures of pack goats very few will show 1 goat out alone they are a herd critter.
Maybe? you need to take another goat with you and Gilbert for "Company" on the next walkabout.??
Second Goat dose not have to carry pack to start with, just be bonded to you and Gilbert.
Last item: Turning Gilbert back into his herd ASAP after you got home.
My Thought is it would be a good way to establish a bad habit of getting home or turning around on the trail and sprinting for home. Take another goat with you for both of their support of each other.
Moving On:
Pete and Sam will always go on trail with me together as well as my dog when possible.
So we make a herd of 4 Smile
A single goat and just you dose not count as a herd and he is going to want to go home or he will stress out a lot of energy and not be happy.
Just thoughts
Happy Trails
hihobaron Pete and Sam
Hi HHB, thanks for your thoughts. I am definitely Gilbert's security blanket but he has two best friends back in the herd. My goal is ultimately to take more than one goat out on the trail but I think I need to practise stringing them at home before I attempt this anywhere else - unfortunately we have unrestrained dogs in the area. Gilbert doesn't seem to be bothered being away from the others, I think he generally likes the little treks we are doing. I think I just need to get him fit so upon return he's not huffing and puffing and therefore a target for the others. Most of my goats are wild/ferals (including Gilbert) so they can be very brutal with their "jousting".
Happiness is a baby goat snoring in your lap

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