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Hi...We have three goats (2 Alpines and just got a 4 month old Nubian). We would really like to start hiking with our goats. We are located in Pueblo, CO. Does anyone know of any great places?
Welcome! I'm very close to you in Rye! We should get together and go for a goat packing trip sometime! There are some other folks I know in Florence, and also a fellow in Pueblo West who was packing with goats a couple of years ago. I'm not sure if he still has goats or not now. I'll certainly let you know of any packgoat activities in the area so you can be included.
We've taken our young Nubian out a couple of times and really enjoyed it! We would love some wisdom of experienced hikers with goats and a get together and hike would be awesome!
We would love to hear about goat pack activities...Thanks Nanno!
One activity that you should definitely keep an eye out for is the open packgoat show at the Pueblo County Fair. I think it's usually in July. You don't have to be a 4-H member to compete.

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