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(03-26-2016, 07:15 AM)Dave-Trinity-Farms Wrote: We never did more then one treatment. The dust stays on them long enough not to need it. But could see the good another dusting would do in say 5 days.

Thanks Dave,

I have looked into the python dust.  Do you wash your goats after application at some point?  Are you worried about it getting on your saddle pads, panniers, and such?

(03-27-2016, 04:35 AM)Sanhestar Wrote:
(03-25-2016, 04:49 PM)hihobaron Wrote: Ivermectian kills anything that sucks blood internal or external.
Getting your goat to stand for repeated injections is the trick.

for those here who haven't injected ivermectin: the injection is rather painful.

All other avermectins (doramectin - dectomax, avermectin, moxidectin - cydectin pour on) will also work against lice and are less painfull when injected. You could also consider using the pour-on versions.

Hello Sanhestar
I do not use injectable Ivermectican.
Administer Oral as a paste.
The pour on versions work well on "External" parasites only.
Here in the USA the Injectable version was pulled off the market a few years ago.
When it came back I know a few horse people would use it "Orally" on horses.
That was before it was available in paste form.
My comment was related to oral use of paste form. 
For strictly "External" parasites a dust type product is better or pour on.
The dust will degrade/dissipate over a few days so there is no residue to worry about when grooming/petting the animal or contamination of equipment.
I have been know to dust (lightly) saddle blankets from time to time to limit possibility of transfer of pest to another animal.


To ALL I am not "Bolding" /Yelling ,  Just can"t figure out how to turn it off.  Sorry

Happy Trails
hihobaron Pete and Sam
Here in the USA the Injectable version was pulled off the market a few years ago.

You can still buy injectable ivermectin for cattle/sheep/swine. This is what is recommended for goats rather than the horse paste. However, you should probably not inject it unless your goat has a major parasite load and is in danger of bleeding out from too-rapid worm die-off. The injectable liquid used orally works better and faster than if you inject it. I've found that most of my goats don't really mind the taste and some even like it. It's easier to give and less messy than most of the pastes I've used. They seem to have a harder time spitting it out than a paste, probably because the amount of liquid you have to give is so small compared to the amount of paste. A quick squirt in the back of the mouth, feed a cookie and we're done.
no, dont wash it off. They will drop most of it themselves by doing their shaking.
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