Goat-O-Rama Kids of 2016
Welcome to the world Cinco and deMayo! Congratulations Phil, Nan and Petunia on a safe and easy kidding! Keep the pictures coming!
Goatberries Happen!
Hello All
I guess I have to put my two horns worth in here now that Yawls are having a good time with the kids.
No new kid pictures, or stories.
But I do have Goat Pile Pictures of Pete and Sam" and Fuzzy claiming my deck chair. Dose that count for this area?

.jpg   Shelia Goat 2.jpg (Size: 63.87 KB / Downloads: 174)
Pete and Sam Goat Pile

.jpg   Shelia Goat 4.jpg (Size: 56.23 KB / Downloads: 173)
Fuzzy claiming MY deck chair

.jpg   Shelia Goat 6.jpg (Size: 57.07 KB / Downloads: 172)
Who are you this is my chair now !!! Talk to the horns.

Happy Trails
hihobaron Fuzzy, Pete and Sam
In honor of Cinco de Mayo, we named the new little ones "Pedro" and "Pepita" (Pepi for short). 

Tigerlily is curious about the tiny new babies.

My friend Tiffany and her mom came out for a visit so they could see and hold the new babies. Pepi seemed very content in Tiffany's arms. In fact, both of these babies seem very content to be held and cuddled. I like cuddly babies! 

I'm very pleased that these came out with floppy ears. Petunia's ears stick straight out, and the sire who was 3/4 Alpine and only 1/4 Nubian, had erect ears. So I was just convinced that these 5/8 Alpines would have straight ears. I'm so glad I was wrong! The ears are adorable!
Great pics! I love the updates Smile
Hello Nanno
Good pictures, good looking kids.
I like the one with the double bar markings on the forehead. Looks like a pair of Eagle's in flight.
The Nubian boys have discovered the joys of campfires. Luckily this on isn't lit right now. Lilly always loved laying in this fire ring too. 

With the addition of seven kids this year, our herd has almost doubled in size from eight to fifteen. Once Jezebel kids we'll definitely be doubled! I love looking out at this variety of color. No such thing as a "matched pair" in our herd! 

The babies have discovered the delights of the mineral feeder.  

Boone found a mentor in Finn. Finn was quite patient with the little copycat. I've been impressed with how well all my goats get along with babies. I've been told by people who have no horns in their herd that mixing horned wethers with mamas, babies, and other hornless goats would be a bloodbath. So far I have not found this to be true. Quite the opposite in fact. My horned boys are often gentler than the dehorned does. Even Cuzco does not bother babies. If babies step in front of him, he steps around or over or occasionally will nudge one aside with his nose, but he never butts a baby. Finn and Sputnik were a little rough at first but within a week they figured out that babies need to be treated gently and are now nice to them. 

Finn always loves to hang the last tippety-tip of his tongue out. He has done this since the first day he was born and it has never ceased to amuse me. 
It amazes me that we ever get any work done around here! 

The other day Petunia left her little pipsqueaks in the shade while she went off to graze. As soon as Pluto saw her leave he came straight over to lay near the babies and make sure they were safe. He wags his tail every time a baby goat bounces past him and he makes sure they are never left alone. 

A few minutes later, Daisy came to help Pluto guard the babies. No one is messing with these kids! 

You may be wondering about the orange X's. Unfortunately Pluto has been roaming, and recently he turned to trouble. Apparently he was down at the next-door ranch late at night last week and he snarled and chased my neighbor from his truck to his house. I started locking him up at night, but according to the ranch hand he snuck back down there a few days later in the morning after I let him out and he tackled one of their big mama goats. She was not hurt thank goodness, but it has me worried. It does not sound at all like Pluto to chase people or goats, but dogs around farms are presumed guilty until proven innocent. I don't want to blame Pluto if there is another similar dog doing bad things in the area, so to make certain of his identity Phil gave him some unmistakeable marks. After the incident with the neighbor's goat we are not taking chances with him. He's locked in the electric fence at night, and for daytime I rigged up a runner chain in the front yard for any time I don't have him under my direct surveillance. Hopefully he is either vindicated or we can train him to stay home and mind his own business. He's never showed one hint of making trouble with people or goats on our place, but animals can act different when they are not in their own territory.
Hello All
I will have to add another critter to the Truck Chasing Goat thread.
Besides Fuzzy, Pete and Sam.
I got another one of Fuzzys Bro's today.
Same source ,Clean Farm, and a bottle baby. within a week or so of same age. His other Bro's are going for meat tonight. Auction
Horned,still has his jewels as his 1/2 bro dose,  2 are just as easy to wether as one. Smile
De-Horning by banding I still am not sure about. Researching that with friends at both UW Wisconsin and Cornell Vet Collage. NY
No-name yet: Name Suggestions are appreciated. Like his 1/2 bro he is all white so I have matched pair. Smile
I like my pistols they same way matched pair'sSmile
Fuzzy came with a name from owners GD. I have kept the name Fuzzy.
I know with my horse foals I would wait to see the disposition and most all would "Name themselves" for barn names.
One Name I have in mind is Wazey(sp) as in Fuzzy, Wazey. Smile I know bad play on words.
Can you imagine me yelling in the woods/on trail Fuzzy/ Wazey come in?  Smile I would get fitted for a strait jacket fast. Smile
Nanno Sorry to hear about your problems with Pluto
I think you did the right thing with painting him.
Hope you can work things out, One of the challenges of getting a new young dog on the farm.
Enjoy the pictures of my carbon copy goat boys.
BTY: I have had to color up the new boy's horn's with a red marker so I can keep the two separate. It is not blood.
Talk about a Matched Team !!!!!!!! Both the same age/color, configuration and friendly. If I want color I can paint them.
It will be a few years before I work them, In the mean time they have a job to do eating brush and being Ambassadors for Pack Goats. Smile
Enjoy the pictures.

.jpg   Matched Pair Goats 1.JPG (Size: 55.8 KB / Downloads: 140)

Matched Pair 

.jpg   New goat on a roap.JPG (Size: 57.17 KB / Downloads: 139)

He will learn the same way Fuzzy,Pete and Sam did to stay close to Camp and respect a rope when tied out.
He already has his "Farm Colors " Collar on and has not fought the restraint of it.
He is "Sharing" the Goat Tote with Fuzzy at night because both of them can slip through the front gate of the Red Neck Goat Shed. Fuzzy proved it the other day. In the middle of a thunder storm.
My Goat-o-Scope is set on the Goat Tote so I can see if there is a ruckus. But they were in the same herd together before I got Fuzzy. They should remember each other. (I hope)
He got his first CD-T shot today and handled that well. One stick and it was over with. I gave him 500# dose of Ivermectin so he is as clean as possible.
In a week-10 days I will know how good he is. 

Happy Trails
Keep Goating
hihobaron and the Troops in South Carolina
Hello All
Well Fuzzy's Bro did good today off the stake out line, with just a drag rope on him. Came in when I called the big boy's in
So I think with 4 in the Red Neck Goat Shed at night they are bonding into their own "Herd'.  
They were all out in the brush today, but all came to call twice and got treats of Afla pellets fed by hand from me.
I thought it was BAD when I got Pete and Sam, now with 4 it is like hand feeding sharks. Smile
It will be worth it in the results, IF I have any fingers left. Smile
Nanno; Your right Goats do Resemble the Velosaraptor "BLUE" especially with food.
We have lots of Green here now so I am just using goat feed as a treat for being good.
I still need help in thinking up a name for the new boy,  "SPOT" will not work. Something phonically different sounding from Fuzzy,Pete,Sam preferably single syllable"Shit Head" is not an option eitherSmile yet will reflect his disposition.
To Charlie Horse:  "Horny" will not do it. He is going to be a "Public" Ambassador for Pack Goats here in the East,
I HOPE.  Either that or end up in Freezer Camp.

Happy Trails
hihobaron and the Troops in South Carolina

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.jpg   Arm fulls of Kids..JPG (Size: 57.89 KB / Downloads: 41)
Phil and I celebrated our 17th anniversary by taking our entire herd of goats for a stroll around our property where we took waaaaayyyy too many cute baby goat pictures. I was planning to share some of them last night but we got sidetracked by an unexpected visit from the stork. 

Jezebel kidded this tiny little morsel last night around 8:30. He couldn't have weighed more than 4-5 pounds soaking wet.

Jezebel had me worried because she had absolutely no udder whatsoever and only a few days till her due date. Then yesterday morning I noticed there was a little milk starting and her tailbone was sticking up. I spent the day cleaning sheds. The kidding shed was soaked so I stripped it in the morning and left it bare till late afternoon so the ground could air out. Jezebel looked very worried about it. She had been nesting in there that morning before it was cleaned and when I stripped it she kept going in and out and giving me pointed looks as if to say, "Check-in time is 12:00 and my room is not ready!" 

Phil and I had an early dinner at a friend's house and when we came home Cuzco had taken over the kidding shed and Jezebel was nowhere to be found. Phil went to look for her and discovered her hiding in a corner behind the house. I think she was horrified that we had left her in her time of need. As soon as we got all the goats put to bed in their proper pens and got everyone else out of her shed, Jezebel went straight down to business. She had waited till we got home and could attend her during the birth. And it was quite an easy birth. She barely pushed at all and then took a long break while the baby was in the birth canal. I got tired of waiting for those little hooves to make progress so I finally reached up and grabbed one. The second I gave a soft tug on that little toe she shoved him right out. She was just waiting for help. She was convinced she couldn't push him out by herself and insisted that I do a little pulling. But with a baby this small there was really no need for assistance. I think she wanted moral support more than physical help. She was remembering Tigerlily who was five days late and twice this size. Tigerlily needed to be pulled. I think Jezebel kidded this one early on purpose so it wouldn't be so big!

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