A few pictures to share
Just thought I'd post afew pictures that I took with my phone, not great quality but hey why not? Just figured out how to get these from my phone to my computer so this is sorta a test to haha.
The younger alpines are from Dave's 2015 kiddings , Loki has the bigger horns and more solid color and Pan is the white faced boy in the boat . the 2 bigger boys, Eustis ( alpine) and Moe (togg) I got after Nanno was nice enough to respond to my wanted add looking for horned wethers.

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Good looking boys!
Oh they're just beautiful! I love the photo of Eustis and Moe silhouetted against the sky. I think Moe must be a Toggenburg cross (LaMancha or Alpine cross maybe?) because pure Toggs don't have white spots. In my opinion, he's much prettier than a Togg. I do love spotted goats! Are those the two skinny boys that were advertised on TheGoatSpot? If so, they've sure filled out! They look great!

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