NAPgA Rendezvous 2016, 23-26 June
Thought I should fan the flames of the Rendy fire. I'm already juggling family weddings and pack trips. Stoll this info off the NAPgA website. Lots more info there.

The Rendy site for NAPgA Rendy 2016 is 6.8 miles south of Ukiah, OR, on NF-052/County Rd 1475.
The road is in good condition, and the area level. It is OK for cars or RVs.

This is a large flat open area with lots of pine trees and camping sites. Restrooms (porta-potties) will be provided. There is no running water. There two small ponds adjacent to this location.
Google Maps Coordinates: 45.079792N, 111.893402W
This area is located (as the crow flies) 6 miles southsouthwest of Ukiah, OR, at 4450'.

If you have questions please give Curtis a call.
Curtis King, 1-509-539-0982, (Primary Event Organizer)
I can hardly wait for the Rendy! This year I'm the chair of the dairy goat show that interfered with my going to the Rendy last year. This year I moved the show date so it wouldn't interfere!
Goatberries Happen!
Pack Goat Prospects For Sale.

S.E. Washington (Benton City)
It's so far away... Maybe, just maybe, if we could stay overnight with Herb again to cut down travel expenses...
Darn, wish I could... I'll be in Oregon first week of July Sad
*Saltlick*  Rancho Topaz   
near Topaz Lake, Nevada
Is anyone going to be going to Rendy and passing through the Redding/Shasta Lake area going up I-5, that might be interested in sharing gas expense and have room for one or 2 people? I dont have to take goats, but would love to go. Have our own camping stuff. Just dont have a car. If I go to Rendy, I would have to leave our one vehicle here so the kids could get back and forth to work.
Debbie Luzier

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