Horned Monsters!
My goats discovered horned monsters yesterday when we were out hiking the farm!  Dude was the most curious and bravest checking them out.  He had his hackles up to look tough but was ready to run if need be!  The horned monsters are now housed on the west edge of our home farm.  The neighbors had them running loose on their farm until this week so the goats hadn't paid much attention to them.

Goatberries Happen!
Mine don't care much about cattle. Vicky, Shelby and Amelia used to live with the yak, and there are 2 steers in the next field. Its good for them to get used to cows. Vincent is so bulletproof I kinda doubt he'd care if he met a friggin lion. Sometimes they can be TOO bombproof.

I do remember the night I brought the llama home. I put her in the goat field and then I sat and watched. Dutchess, the paint and boss mare sniffed her first. She was spazzing out all alert and snorting and running back and forth and charging and retreating. Dont blame her. Llamas are like alien creatures to all other mammals.

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