Goat Harness and Driving Equipment
Hello ALL
I thought all of you that are doing some goat and (horse/pony) driving would like these pictures of a friend of mines. Harness, carriage, and everything else driving equipment store.
He handles everything from Mini-mini to 2600 pound draft, all on hand both new and good used.
There is no other place in the USA with as much and variety of driving equipment anywhere I know of.
His prices are fair because he dose deal in bulk to many Commercial Carriage Trade Businesses as well as private driving horse people.

I know him well, went down to shop (5 miles away) I know ya'll probably cussing me for making you drool because I have this place just up the road. Big Grin To look at some goat harness.  Jack's reply "ARE YOU CRAZY" but then he listened and went right straight to a harness rack for mini's and pulled 3 sets of Brest strap "Biothan" down that ranged in size from big dog to large Mini. Complete sets. How's that for selection?

I am also posting some pictures of carts he has and these are just a few of the ones he has." Hint" look in the background and try counting the shafts sticking up to get a good idea of # on hand. Granted most are full pony or horse  but there are several Mini's mixed in.

 To Nanno: I hope you will let me post the web site for the store as a community service so to speak.???

Look up Carolina Carriage Horse and Tack Superstore
Greer, SC

Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving

Enjoy the pictures:

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Hello to All
Modern Working Goat Carts People
I have a very good harness and Carriage Shop close to me.
They carry mini-horse carts and harness.
We are in Greer, South Carolina just a little note for east coast goat carters.
The shop will ship anywhere.
Plus I have harness horse experience and now have a couple goats I can use to fit mini-horse harness to and suggest the modifications you need to make to work with goats. I am NOT Driving goats "YET" to much to do getting Goat Packing Ideas going around here. Smile
I am willing to help Goat carters with a independent look at equipment and pictures of my own with any equipment they want to buy from my sources.
You deal with the source not me. 
Consider it a favor from me back to PGC for having a site like this.
Happy Trails
hihobaron Pete and Sam

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HiHo, That's awesome! Thanks for sharing the pictures and site.
Do they have a website?
Hello Nanno
RE: Carts for mini horses and harness from SC.
Yes , they have a good web site. I don't have a address close to hand. I just go there, like 5 miles away. Smile
Try a search " South Carolina Horse and Carriage Superstore" Greer, SC.
Was just up there for bells to put on the boy's collars. No good ones, but I bought some small ones in brass for under a buck each.
You having horse driving experience would die and think you were in heaven to see his shop and equipment in person.
When you find the web site make sure you have plastic over your keyboard so the drool dose not short it out. Smile
Happy Trails
hihobaron Pete and Sam
I wish I could bring my goats there and try some things on for size!

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