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I have a betathane harness from Northwest Mini Tack which no longer has a website. I'm not sure if that woman is still in busines. I also just got a pairs harness from Chimacum Tack, but I'm not entirely pleased because I've had to do a bit of shipping back and forth to get something I'm happy with and that fits properly. Instructions weren't always followed as nicely as one might hope. I am good with my hands and sewing is not very hard. Maybe some winter if I find I have enough money and too much time on my hands I'll spring for that heavy duty sewing machine and some materials and see what I can come up with.

I'm sorry the bridle didn't fit. That's got to be so frustrating to have to spend so much money and wait so long for shipping only to not have something fit the way you hoped.

I think you might be able to snap your overcheck into the rings at the side of the Sopris halter for a decent effect. I've also thought of adding bit clips to the Sopris halter. The rings at the noseband are a little too far down and too small, but it might be possible to add second cheek pieces to the bigger rings by the jaw. I was toying with something like that before we got too busy with kidding season. We'll have to keep each other posted on our progress. Smile
Hi Nanno, we have similar ideas ... I was also thinking of adding the overcheck to the Sopris halter. I've got it sitting here in front of me ready to go. TSG suggested adding the bit clips to the noseband of the Sopris but I would have thought they would slide along laterally and therefore the bit might be pulled out of position?

If I lived in the US I wouldn't mind so much with getting the wrong gear - after all, most of what I am having issues with has not been made for goats. However, the shipping costs to Australia are horrendous and our own postal system has undergone some "improvements" which means everything costs more to post domestically and seems to take twice as long to get to the destination. A standard letter takes 10-12 days to get from one end of the state to another now - hopeless Sad
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Maybe we could use something like this instead of actual bit clips: http://www.kingstons.net.au/products/Bit...Black.html.  Looks a bit more comfortable. 

I've put the browband from the Tough1 bridle onto the Sopris halter because it has a slot in the middle for the overcheck to thread through to keep it in place.  It fits ok.  I've attached the overcheck to the noseband - you'll see from the photo that because the halter rings are set a little further back than some halters, to attach the overcheck clips to those would interfere with Koby's sight.  Apologies for the poor quality photo, it's a bit hard to see the black straps against Koby's black coat.  I think this set up would work from a mechanical perspective but the noseband is a little wide to get the clips on properly, so the latter sit a little proud. I think they would rub his nose over time and at best would be uncomfortable.  Also, the noseband rides up a little and stays there when he puts his head down and the overcheck is activated.  I will keep thinking of other options that will be more comfortable for Koby.
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Oops - forgot the photo Rolleyes

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I tried buckling the overcheck to the noseband but had the same problem with it sliding up to the top, and like you I didn't care for the fact that once it engaged it pulled the noseband up and then wouldn't come down. Overchecks are just not made for nosebands! I can see how the nose rings are too far down and back to be used with the overcheck. One cool thing about having goats with horns is that we shouldn't need extra straps to keep the bridle or overcheck in place since the horns will do that. When I put the bridle behind the horns and in front of the ears I find there is no need for either a browband or a throatlatch. Browbands sure can look decorative though. I like the look of the bit buckle straps. I think I could make something like that pretty easily if I use nylon. You may not think you are good at sewing, but it's not that hard. For little things like this you can even sew them by hand. Use a heavier gauge needle, and use heavier-duty thread doubled over. I use a cigarette lighter for burning the strap ends. For making holes I heat an awl in the flame of my gas cooking range and poke holes in the nylon. It's a little tedious since I have to reheat the awl after every hole and the melted nylon makes the awl messy, but it gets the job done for little projects like this.
Hi Nanno, might be a silly question but how do you stop the awl making very rough edges of the nylon on the opposite side to where you start to poke it through? I have had this issue in the past whereby they rub the goat. Do you just sand off the edges when it has cooled?

I agree the less regalia the better re bridles on goats. At least when they are just getting used to having something new on their heads!
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Hello DUG
I saw your question to Nanno about punching holes in Nylon Parts and rough edges.
This is the way I do it.
Heat the awl red hot, Propane Torch works fine.
Punch the hole from the "Goat" side outward, wabble it around a little so you have a "Grommet"  of melted Nylon.
Here is the trick part for a flat hole.
Heat a small piece of flat iron with the torch, Hold it with a pair of pliers so you don't burn your fingers.
Lay the "Part" on something solid, when the strip of flat iron is hot quickly apply to the "Grommet" of raised nylon to "Flatten it." Only takes second or two. Rotate as you pull the flat iron off the part.
It you try to pull the flat iron strait off you will get "Stings of nylon" and have to either "Brand"  it again or sand it down.
Repeat on the outside of the strap too.

BTY: If you ever have to cut a nylon trace down to shorten it.
A torch is your best friend to melt the ends of the cut.
If you have to punch new single tree holes in the trace Use a big nail heated red hot Punch through and pull it along the length of the trace till you get the size slot you want. Them use the method above to "Flatten out the melted Nylon."
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hihobaron and the Troops in South Carolina
Thanks very much HHB! My other half has a torch so will give that method a try Smile
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