Stow Away Goats

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Hello All
First off I have not been had by Goats for years. Even then it was just a big Nubian barn pet goat that though he was a dog.
I have had more breeds and done many different things with horses than most people ever do though.
So working with stock is nothing new to me. Horse Camping, Mounted Search & Rescue, Mounted Shooting ,ETC. 
I am a Prepper and was asked to do a presentation on Horse Emergency Preparedness at a major 3 day Prepper Event in Saluda, NC.
It is the only outdoor Prepper event on the east coast. 
They also asked if I could work up some basic Using your horse as a BOV (Bug Out Vehicle) into a presentation.
With out going to the traditional pack horse idea. Ok sounds good I agreed. 
The I get the OBTY: You know any goat people that would want to do a goat milking and products presentation?
As it so happens I do have a friend in KY that milks goats. so I put a call in and they were happy to try it at Prepper Camp Demo.
OK all set.
They are bringing down 12 goats 8 milking nanny's a couple kids and a couple wethers for sale.
I was taking my 2 S&R/ Retired Mounted Police horses up for my presentations.
We meet up got stock area set up and weekend goes off well, lots of interest in the goats and how to use your backyard horse as a BOV.
I got the itch to play with goats again.
Our makeshift pack goat presentation went good (Yes,I had grazed this site and others for basic packing info)
My friend ended up selling the kid goats she brought down, but no takers on the 2 wethers, one a 4 year old, the other 6 months old.
Both de-horned as she runs a milking operation and will not have goats around with horns. They both were raised as bottle babies,and would come to call, lead well, and took all the crowd action with no upset. Pet me scratch me types. Smile
From other livestock experience I knew better than to just think about getting 1 goat so it would be 2 or none.
I was "Resisting" getting any.
Ya'll know the feeling I am sure , (I can do this ,this, and ,this with it from one side of the brain. The other "practical" side says NO you do not need IT. I fought with myself that way all weekend. Yet still had fun walking the boys around camp ,talking to people about goats.
All good things have to end. Prepper Camp was over and we stayed till Monday to avoid the rush out Sunday afternoon by vendors and such.
I got "Elected" to take down Tents and pack all the heavy gear while girls packed up camp gear into trailers. Loaded horses and goats while I took down electric fence we used all 3 days of event.
Anyway all packed and we hit the road.
I am only about 35 miles from Event site so we only had about an hour drive.
Got back OK to Base Camp here in South Carolina first off always is horses.
My lady got the trailer open brings the horses out as I come around to take one to turn out to pasture, and as they clear the trailer both the goats come scampering off the trailer behind the horses. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stow Away Goats !!!!!
Apparently the 2 "Girls" both old friends with each other connived to keep me out of the way when they loaded the goats and horses.
Women what can you do with them????

So there you go I now have two brush eating goats, up coming pack and trail goats, and goaty friends that are more than happy to just hang out anytime we are cooking outside (which is most of the year here) or just sitting outside in the evening. They have settled in and think they own the place.

Happy Trails
Beware of Stow Away Goats

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