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Hello All you Goat Haulers
Question to ya'll from Upstate South Carolina.
RE: How much room in a Crate type container do you consider for 2 Medium Size Goat that are de-horned and get along?
I have good horse trailers but I don't want to use them for just a couple goats. This would be for "short" trips to hike with them for their next stage of training. Noting more than 35 miles and on back roads no Interstate.
What I have in mind is a 275 gallon tote on its side top cut out for a door. With rubber mats and a gate strapped down in the bed. Inside dimensions are about 4 X 4 X 4 feet.
It would have controllable ventilation and only get used in nice weather SC Weather Smile It will fit (I think) in the bed of a Toyota Tacoma Truck.
Suggestions /Information appreciated. Pictures of Pete and Sam are Elsewhere on PGC look for Hihobaron.
Happy Trails hihobaron ,Pete and Sam
For short trips I don't use a crate. I just load the boys up in the bed of my open pickup and expect them to stay there (they do). I tie them or use my hillbilly cage if I have to go on the highway or if I have goats that aren't getting along. My hillbilly cage is just some pieces of rebar mesh hooked together at the corners that I plunk down into the bed of my truck. I cut out openings for the wheel wells. It comes in 4' x 8' sheets. I sprayed primer on mine to cut down the rust factor. Works great and was extremely cheap! 

The only time I need an actual shelter for short trips is if I'm hauling in winter or bad weather. They shouldn't have to stand in the rain in an open truck bed. I've toyed with the idea of tying a tarp over the front half of the hillbilly cage in dodgy weather but I haven't had to do it yet. One time I hauled Cuzco up to Loveland (about 4 hours one way) and wasn't sure what the weather would be, so I quick hammered together a three-sided plywood box to give him some shelter from wind, rain, and heat. Worked great for that one trip, but I didn't build it sturdy enough to last the long haul, and it was way too heavy to want to lift in and out of the truck. Here's a photo of that trip. You can see my rebar mesh goat cage and how it clips together at the corners. The little doghouse was for the doeling I was bringing back from Loveland.    
Hello Nanno and all Goat haulers.
First jumps in training Pete and Sam to be trailed this year.
Between their "Raid" on the Plumbers Truck that has a high step up bumper to the cargo area, that they had NO problem with getting into truck from the ground. To the dismay of the plumber they trapped. Smile
Then we were working unloading some supplies from our light truck and both just hopped up into the open bed like they had been doing it for a long time.
Still have to get a tote and make it into a goat hauler for the truck bed/ well any thing I need to use to move the boys small time.
When not being used it will be in the Redneck Goat Shed.
At any rate the point being the boys had no problem jumping from ground to the truck (they got kicked out) they were to busy "Inspecting things and in the way."  So they jumped off the tail gate and allowed us to get a load into BC1 when we got back out to the truck they were up again and looking to go for a ride I think.
Happy Trails
hihobaron Pete and Sam

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